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Getting Started


If you are planning to purchase your first pair of pointe shoes please check with your teacher to make sure you are ready to go en pointe.  Dancing en pointe is physically strenuous and requires close supervision by a trained professional.  If a beginner is unsupervised or wearing them just for fun, serious injury can occur.

If your teacher has given you approval, congratulations! Here are a few things you will need to know to prepare for your first class en pointe.  



First Pair of Pointe Shoes

Keep your shoes dry!  The average life span of a pair of pointe shoes  is roughly 10 hours of dancing.  However, there are many factors that affect the wear and tear on pointe shoes. Factors include; a dancer's body weight; foot and core strength; sweat; humidity; manipulating or trying to break in your shoes by hand; placing shoes near anything damp such as a water bottle or wet leotard; so to get the most out of each pair, we recommend that after every class stuffing them with paper towels to absorb the moisture and don't manipulate your shoes without the help of your teacher.  She/He will know best.  The first pair of pointe shoes will always last the longest.  In fact, most dancers outgrow their first pair before breaking them. 



Choosing your Toe Pad

We stock many different types of toe pads that use materials like gel or silicone for your comfort. Before picking out toe pads, ask your teacher what they prefer.  If your teacher does not have a preference, our experienced fitters will help you pick out the right toe pad.



Choosing Ribbon & Elastic

If you suffer from Achilles tendonitis or tie your ribbons too tight you will want to consider a stretch ribbon. This ribbon has pieces of elastic sewn into the ribbon so it flexes with your ankle.  If you have a very high foot that falls out of shoes you may need more support to stabilize the foot. In that case we recommend sewing your elastic criss cross. Ask your teacher or fitter if these options are for you.



Sewing Your Pointe Shoes

Sewing your pointe shoes for the first time can be a bit difficult though not impossible.  Your teacher may actually have a class on how to place and sew your ribbon and elastic.  If you are unable to get help and want to do them yourself  Click Here to watch a tutorial demonstrating how to sew pointe shoes. If you aren't able to sew them yourself, we do offer sewing services  Please go to our Shoes tab and click on services for more information.