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LOS ANGELES: 310-271-3664

FILLMORE: 805-727-5022

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If you are planning to purchase your first pair of pointe shoes please check with your teacher to make sure you are ready to go en pointe.  Dancing en pointe is physically strenuous and requires close supervision by a trained professional.  If a beginner is unsupervised or wearing them just for fun, serious injury can occur.

If your teacher has given you approval, congratulations! Please call us at either location to make an appointment for your first pointe shoe fitting! Expect the fitting to take at least 30 minutes. 

Your fitter will need to measure your feet and asses the strength of your ankles to determine the right pointe shoe for you. Pointe shoes are not one size fits all, so one brand that may work for your classmates may not work for you. Trust your fitter and express any questions or concerns you may have before purchasing your shoes. Your comfort and safety are our top priority and want you to be happy when you walk out of the store.